Freight activities Freight activities Transportation of standard size and oversized load, heavy weight cargo.
Rigging works Rigging works Heavy weight cargo movement.
Mobile crane services Mobile crane services Leasing mobile telescope cranes.
Rent of caterpillar cranes Rent of caterpillar cranes Rent of caterpillar cranes
Sale equipment Sale equipment Sale equipment
Installation works Installation works Installation works

About us

SOP&G Ltd. is a dynamically developing company having young and vigorous management, carrying out works in the best traditions of the former USSR "Minmontazspecstroy". Our company has been on the Russian service market since 1991. SOP&G Co. operate one of the most modern depots of motor transport. The company renders the following complex services on the territory of the Russian Federation:

During 16 years of company’s operating significant depot of special equipment and vehicles has been formed, company’s own material and technical base has been generated and abundant experience in carrying out lifting and erection works has been obtained.